Banks and other financial institutions provide critically important services that are essential to our economy and impact everyone — from individuals and families to large government agencies to local businesses and community organizations. These services are so vital in fact, that banks have been required by law for nearly 30 years to develop and maintain comprehensive disaster recovery plans for business continuity assurance in times of emergencies. With this kind of history, it’s no surprise that the banking industry served as a pioneer in disaster recovery and business continuity planning and today remains a powerful and driving force in its continuing evolution.  New Century Dome Builder has also been at the forefront of this industry, able to serve as a premier provider of superior disaster recovery locations for financial services organizations.

 We understand the factors important to a bank’s disaster recovery plans, including:

  • Safely housing and maintaining the necessary redundant technology and equipment
  • Providing a secure and practical disaster remote recovery site
  • Ensuring timely technology connectivity
  • Resuming operations as quickly as possible

Because we help you meet all these needs affordably and efficiently, New Century Dome Builder is the perfect solution to your financial institution’s disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

 Keep Your Banking Operations in Good Shape…In Monolithic Domes

 With New Century Dome Builder, your bank or credit union can resume operations quickly with minimal interruption during any natural disaster.  Monolithic Domes are designed for disaster storage warehouses and command centers for financial institutions, these indestructible domes serve as veritable fortresses; large enough to store all the equipment you need to resume operations immediately while accommodating your employees safely, comfortably, and conveniently.

Able to be technically advanced, fully-equipped, fully-stocked, and steel-reinforced monoliths are not only durable, they are secure and calming, providing a safe place for your employees to stay connected and productive during any crisis situation.

 Adding Dome Amenities Help You Get Back to Business:

  • Independent back-up generator system with auto transfer switches
  • On-site water and fuel storage
  • Satellite communications
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Power and data docking stations for disaster recovery vehicles
  • Security fencing and manned guardhouse
  • Web-based video surveillance
  • Interior bunker-style floor plan including offices, conferences rooms, living quarters, kitchen, laundry and cooled data server rooms
  • Compliance with all FEMA shelter criteria, providing near absolute protection for personnel and equipment
  • Virtually fireproof facilities throughout

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your financial institution continue essential operations and quickly recover from the unexpected, unplanned, and unforeseen