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Monolithic Domes

What Is A Monolithic Dome?

A monolithic dome is a thin shell structure made of steel reinforced concrete.  It is the strongest structure that can be built on planet earth.  The domes shape is the feature which makes it able to withstand the forces of nature that destroy modern designed buildings.  New Century Dome Builder is a contractor specializing in residential and commercial construction. We specialize in preparing the foundation, poly foam application, rebar installation and shotcrete application.  We serve the Southeast Texas area and beyond on new construction projects from shell only or turn key construction jobs.

 New Century Dome Builder takes pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. We work in close cooperation with you to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and you are truly satisfied with the results. 

 We will work with the you from conception to completion. We will help you find a designer or engineer if needed.

What We Do. Building For The Future

New Century Dome Builder builds the worlds strongest structures from conception to compleation.  Trained by the best to build the best.  We build the monolithic dome to the specifications which have been perfected for a period over 35 years. 

We build true Monolithic Domes not structures built out of ICF/CMU.  We will not build a stucture which is a lesser quality.  The true Monolithic Dome is superior, the most cost effective and fastest to build.  Let no one tell you anything else is just as good or will save you space.

There is no job we can not handle. 

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Our Past Projects

We're proud of our achievements. Our projects page lets you explore our portfolio. It showcases a sampling of our finished work and features a selection of photos demonstrating our capabilities.

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